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Malta Pride Week Updates #2

We're excited to announce the second round of event updates for the 2022 Malta Pride Week taking place between the 2nd and 11th September.

Malta Pride Week is more than just an occasion for people to come together and celebrate diversity. It's an opportunity to raise visibility and awareness, educate, live our lives unapologetically and be a light for those still living in fear.

In 2022, we still see LGBTIQ people being bullied, shamed, kicked out of their homes, and treated as an ideology rather than a reality.

Talks & Discussions, Sports, Theatre, Social Evenings and Parties have been included in the calendar! The full programme of events is available on this website or by checking out the link:

#LiveYourTruth stands as a reminder that everyone's wellbeing depends greatly on living our lives authentically without fear. We are not a belief or an ideology, we are real humans.

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