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Historic day for Gozo - The First Pride March organised in Gozo!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

LGBTI+ Gozo reflects on an emotional day!

Today marks a historic day for Gozo as we embark on our first ever Pride March.

This landmark event organised by LGBTI+ Gozo & Malta Pride is an emotional

moment for all queer individuals who have witnessed the growth of acceptance and inclusivity on the Maltese islands since 2013.

Being a queer person is a challenge, and one can face discrimination and bigotry in

their every days lives, whether it be from coworkers to family and friends. Pride

March in Gozo has been a direct vision of LGBTI+ Gozo since the organisation’s

inception; from the beginning we have understood the need for visibility,

representation and a stronger voice on the island of Gozo.

The commitment that the Ministry of Gozo has shown in the last few years is

unparalleled. An example of this commitment is shown through the “Qawsalla Hub

by LGBTI+ Gozo”, a direct investment by the Minsitry of Gozo to every Gozo based

residents, which now factiliates free services such as counselling, queer friendly

training and social groups such as monthly youth hub, poetry clubs and book clubs.

In a comment to this news portal, Coordinator Eman Borg issued that “throughout

2022, we worked on grassroots activism, offering training to educational institutions

and other establishments. We, as an organisation, believe that Pride is a year long

thing, however the month of September is an opportunity to highlight the struggles,

growth and collaboration that LGBTI+ Gozo has with different parties, mainly the

Ministry for Gozo who through unwaivaring commitment keeps on ensuring a

representation of queer issues on the island of Gozo”

The Minister for Gozo, Hon. Clint Camilleri, commented that this Government always

supports inclusivity and works tirelessly on different strata to convey this message.

Their commitment to our community is so unparalleled, that for another year

running, the island placed first on the ILGA Europe index with a score of 93.78 per

cent, with a gap of 15 percentage points between Malta and runner-up Denmark,

which scored 78.5 per cent.

LGBTI+ Gozo is preparing for Euro Pride 2023 to be held in September next year and

through the symbols of a rainbow cross and rainbow bench at Villa Rundle, and the

facade of the Ministry being lit with Pride Colours is gearing up for a year of

activities to celebrate inclusivity.

We hope to see our members, allies, supporters and other NGOs at this historic

event. This Pride March is a continual promise to the community, that LGBTI+ Gozo

and the governing bodies of this island uphold the inalienable rights of its citizens

and to protect and safeguard the livelihoods of its minorities. We will continue to

fight for equal representation for the queer Gozitan community and reiterate our

commitment to ensure love overcomes hate on the island of Gozo.

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