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About Malta Pride

The first recorded LGBTIQ+ Pride Demonstration in Malta was held in 2004 and organised by the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement  (MGRM).  Since 2016, ARC was recognised by the different LGBTIQ Voluntary Organisations in Malta as the organisers of Malta Pride Week and the Pride March. 


At the first ever Pride March in Malta, in 2004,  not  more  than  50  demonstrators  marched  along  the  Capital  City  of  Valletta,  most  of whom  were  straight  allies  and  some  politicians  who  supported  equality.  The  theme  used  was  “Gay  Rights?  Human Rights!”   


Since  then  Pride  kept  its  annual  appointment  hoping  to  drive  the  message  of  the  LGBTIQ+  Community across  the  whole  island,  yet  participation  numbers  during  the  demonstration  barely  exceeded  500  people  up  until 2015.


In  2016,  ARC  formed  a  collaboration  with  MGRM  to  jointly  organise  Malta  Pride  which  saw  a  record  participation of  1,000 people,  mostly  from  the  LGBTIQ+  community.

From  2016  until  present, participation  Numbers  and  partnership  involvement  kept  breaking records  year  after  year.  In  2019,  8,000  people,  approximately  2%  of  the  population  of  Malta,  participated  at  the  Pride March & Concert, with over 22 other events also held during Pride Week with a budget of just €40,000.


Malta  Pride  has  become  a  much  sought-after  annual  event  in  the  Maltese  national  calendar,  supported  by  central &  local  Government,  private  entities  and  a  number  of  civil  society  organisations.  Malta  Pride  keeps  the  LGBTIQ+ community  at  its  core  and  ensures  it  doesn’t  become  a  vehicle  for  pink  washing  by  corporate  or  political propaganda.

We celebrated the country’s 6th consecutive year ranking at the top of ILGAs equality index and also a dedicated Ministry that works hard in maintaining it.

Participating Organisations

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