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REFRACTION - A Queer Arts Collective Exhibition in this year's Malta Pride

We're thrilled to announce Allied Rainbow Communities - ARC has signed a partnership agreement with Spazju Kreattiv to host a 6-week long, queer arts collective exhibition between the 10th September and 19th October, under the curatorship of Bobb Attard

For the first time, Malta Pride will be hosting an art exhibition, entitled "REFRACTION" featuring 16 artists, a collaboration with Soura Film Festival (Berlin), Meet the Author and a series of discussions.

REFRACTION aligns with Malta Pride's ethos of diversity and inclusion by featuring artists from all over the world, especially from countries lacking from LGBTIQ+ rights.

Refraction also features trans & non-binary artists alongside artworks about HIV, disability and mental health.

Whilst hosting this exhibit will be supported by Spazju Kreattiv in terms of space, other expenses will be involved including printing, mounting and other logistics that will require a substantial amount of financial resources that Allied Rainbow Communities - ARC alone cannot cover.

If you want to support this initiative, please contact us on

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