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Nominations for the 2022 Malta Pride Heroes Now Open!

Allied Rainbow Communities is proud to be collaborating once again with MVintage to award people who inspire or make LGBTIQ+ lives better. We're calling them Pride Heroes!

In 2021, the executive committee of ARC awarded this title to a number of individuals, including: Gabi Calleja, Neil Falzon, Leon Bonnici, Moyra Sammut, Mina Jack Tolu, Simone Falzon, Reb Xiberras, Eman Borg and anonymous person who were presented with the Malta Pride 2021 pendant "You Are Included".

Read more about them here & here.

This year, we are opening up nominations to the public where they can nominate their own pride heroes! The awardees will be presented with the 2022 Malta Pride Pendant by MVintage carrying the #LiveYourTruth.

These individuals don't need to identify as LGBTIQ+ - they can be relatives, people you follow on social media, artists, activists etc! If you think their presence and actions are inspiring or making a positive impact to LGBTIQ+ persons, then this is your chance to recognise them for living their truth!

Anyone can nominate anyone (as long as they can be physically present in Malta to receive the pendant)! Nominations will be accepted via this form until 30th August 2022. The final selection will be determined by the arc executive committee or delegates it may assign the role of judge.

The Awardees will be announced during Malta Pride Week taking place between the 2nd and the 11th September 2022.

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