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Happy Pride Season 2021

We wish all LGBTIQ+ and Allies a Happy Pride Season.

We keep this movement alive because we want to commemorate all the people and moments that paved the way to enjoy the rights we have today but also to counter the sense of shame and self-hatred that scarred the lives of our diverse community.

"We’ll never have the freedom and civil rights we deserve as human beings unless we stop hiding in closets and in the shelter of anonymity."

We must never forget that Pride as a global movement started as a protest to systemic brutality and oppression. Sex workers, trans people and people of colour, were amongst the ones who led the movement. Pride must always be a space of inclusion, especially for the ones who face exclusion everywhere else in their daily lives.

Hence this year, we follow the footsteps of our friends at World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen to adopt the theme #YouAreIncluded. It is a powerful, all-encompassing statement that whatever your sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, appearance, economic status, nationality, refugee status, health, HIV status – or any other factor, you have a seat at the table.

Pride Week in Malta will take place between the 10th and 19th September 2021. Events will be scaled according to COVID measures at the time.

More information will be uploaded on our facebook page and our website

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