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Left: Dom Mintoff - Prime Minister, together with Minister of Justice Dr Anton Buttigieg introduced the Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill into parliament on 20 November 1972. He reintroduced the Bill on 2 January 1973 when he set out the government's proposed changes to the Code with respect to adultery and homosexuality. The Bill entered the committee stage on the 10 and 11 January 1973 and was read a third time on 29 January 1973 when parliament voted 28 in favour and twenty-six against the Bill.

Top Right: Dr Guide de Marco claimed that homosexuality was more prevalent in Northern than Southern Europe. Conservative Maltese promoted the idea that there were fewer homosexual in Malta than elsewhere. 'Leħen is-Sewwa', a conservative Catholic Newspaper, declared homosexuality uncommon in Malta.

Bottom Right: Dr Ċensu Tabone, President of Malta (1989 - 1994), rejected estimates putting Maltese gay men and lesbians at 1 or 2% of the overall population as too high!

Chetcuti, J.C. (2009). Queer Mediterranean Memories: Penetrating the secret history and silence of gay and lesbian disguise in the Maltese archipelago. Lygon Street Legal Services: Australia.

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