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Probably the first ever publication to shed a positive light of LGBTIQ individuals in Malta, was the collection of academic papers in a book called "Homosexuality: Challenging the Stigma". First published in 2003 by Editors Paul A. Bartolo and Mark G. Borg, by Agenda.

These academic papers were presented at the 5th Malta Conference of Psychology organised by the Malta Union of Professional Psychologists with the participation of The Malta Gay Rights Movement on 8th February 2002 in Qawra.

The opening address was delivered by Hon Louis Galea who was then the Minister for Education under the PN Administration in which he says: "My concern is what the State can do to help homosexual persons reach the fullness of their potential - or at  least, with what it can do so as not to obstruct them. Since I am Minister of Education, I am particularly concerned with what school can do".

Paul A. Bartolo & Mark G. Borg (Eds.) (2003). Homosexuality - Challenging the Stigma. Valletta: Agenda Publishers

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